Sunday, November 8, 2009

sunlight-it can work wonders

Some interesting statistics from foremost vitamin D researcher Michael Holick about
disease that can be prevented by regular sun exposure:
"Colon and breast cancers which may be prevented by regular sun exposure, have mortality rates of 20 to 65 percent and kill 138,000 Americans annually.Osteoporosis, a bone disease that can be mitigated by regular sun exposure, is endemic, affecting 25 million Americans. Every year, 1.5 million Americans with osteoporosis suffer bone fractures, which can be fatal when the person is elderly...the pediatric disease rickets is unknown in children who get enough sun exposure, and, indeed, one of the most effective ways of treating kids with rickets is to get them into the sunshine."
for fascinating research see the link "vitamin d and health" in the links on the right hand side.

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