Wednesday, April 8, 2009


In spite of the snow & cold, spring is indeed here! Yay! flowers and warm weather must be coming soon. If you'd like a little head start, we are here to serve your every need. April Specials include:
30 minute or 5 visit tanning packages get a free visit and a free 1 ounce sample of "house" lotion,
60 minute or 10 visit packages include 2 free visits and 2 free samples of lotion-a goat's milk, honey, shea butter and green tea blend. Nice! We are also having a lotion sale - take 10% off any lotion, including moisturizers, in our collection.

Mermaid Avenue bath & beauty products are also featured at 10% off. These are nature-based, with high -quality ingredients including natural botanicals, which are made in small batches for fresh

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