Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby, Its COLD Outside!

Wow, the deepfreeze is really here!. Never fear, though, because its still summer at Tangiers!
Drop in and get a nice warm-up in your favorite stand-up suncapsule booth- including the fastest tan on the planet, the 7 min SuperSonic. Hot new lamps will remind you of a day on the least for a few relaxing, renewing minutes. Warm  up and energize-we have your January specials right here!
 We are also inroducing some new lotions, buy one and GET A FREE VISIT! Purchase any lotion over $30 and get a jump-start on your tan with 2 FREE VISITS!
New lotions include: Ceremony a "special occasion bronzer"by Designer Skin, & Gorgeous Gams, a "Ultra Dark Luminous Leg Bronzer", also from Designer Skin. We have a special deal on Bleeding Love from Devoted Creations, a "blush with light bronzing coconut cream oil" formulation.
From ProTan we have incredibly Black, which they describe as"ultra powerful 10x double dark bronzing". I guess we'll double-dog-dare-you to try it! Maybe a good bet for this cold weather would be Seriously Hot, also from ProTan, an "extreme sizzle 10x double dark bronzing lotion". So, some new goodies to try! 

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